Win-Tech Machinery & Tooling is an Egyptian company, founded in 1997, that is one of the most huge and noticeable companies in the field of "Computer Numerical Control" technology sales and services.

Win-Tech Departments


Mr. Alex Alexanian


Eng. Mahmoud Aly

Managing Director


Mr. Ahmed Ali

Sales Manager

After Sale Services

Eng. Michael Rushdy

After Sale Services Manager
No. Of Engineers :3


1. Machinery (sales and service).

No. of Support Engineers :3

2. CAD/CAM (sales and support).

No. of Support Engineers: 3

3. Tooling and Consumables (sales and support).

No. of Support Engineers:3

4. Measurement instruments (sales and support).

No. of Support Engineers :3

Accounting And Adminstration

Mr. Belal Gaber

Accounting Manager

Thanks to the staff of Machinery, CAD/CAM, Tooling and Measurement instruments, are all young and motivated engineers with experience gained from fieldwork, and abroad service and sales training courses from various international companies.